What I offer

I offer you a nurturing, safe and friendly environment in which to explore aspects of your life that really matter to you, and identify issues, however big or small, that are holding you back from being as fulfilled as you can be in your personal and/or professional life.

By working together in a non-judgemental and open way, and building a strong working relationship, we will develop supported steps you can take to move your life forward.

The process

Our coaching relationship starts with a free initial 15-minute consultation in which we discuss in more depth the ways we will work together, and I will run through the process that we will use. Before your first session, you will be invited to complete a questionnaire to help you reflect on past achievements,  identify the strengths and qualities that have helped you, and consider the areas that you want to focus on in our coaching sessions. This will also give me an insight into your unique way of thinking.

How I work

  • Listen and focus on what you want
  • Find out what motivates you to take action
  • Share powerful tools and strategies
  • Recognise and draw on your skills and strengths
  • Ask questions to raise awareness and shift your mindset
  • Identify and learn how to overcome barriers and challenges
  • Create new helpful habits
  • Support and encourage you along the way
  • Work at a pace that is right for you

Insights from previous clients.

  • ‘I am responsible for looking after myself’
  • ‘I focus on what is within my control and let everything else go.’
  • ‘I can now manage my anxieties and worries’.
  • ‘I have changed my mindset about so many things that were holding me back.’
  • ‘I am facing my fears and saying ‘yes’ to doing things that in the past I would have said ‘no’ to.
  • ‘I have learnt how to express my feelings and needs.’
  • ‘I can manage conflict situations so much better than before’.
  • ‘I’ve learnt to be kinder to and more accepting of myself’.

‘Georgia was easy to talk to, non-judgemental and kept a light and easy humour throughout, which I find helpful in bringing issues up and opening up discussions. I would recommend coaching to everyone.’

Carol – Clapton Hackney