What Clients Say

The sessions have had a huge impact on my mind-set and my day-to-day life. Being introduced to unusual techniques such as ‘anchoring’ and visualizations helped me increase my level of motivation. They gave me a reminder of why I do what I do and give me hope of achieving my goals and seeing myself where I want to be.

Rianne – Bethnal Green

Georgia is an excellent coach. She supported me through a challenging training programme and her warm and empathetic nature meant I felt completely comfortable discussing my problems with her. She helped me to access the areas that were keeping me stuck and encouraged me to find solutions and to make changes. Her questioning really helped me to see myself more clearly and, after working with her, I feel stronger, have a new-found confidence and I now know exactly what I’m capable of. Her fantastic sense of humour made the sessions feel more like fun and less like ‘work’.

Laurie – Barrow in Furness

It was a real pleasure working with Georgia and I feel like the experience has changed me for the better. I am now able to break things down and use techniques learnt during our coaching sessions to get to the root of the problem and to start working on achievable outcomes. Breaking things down into manageable goals will really help me going forwards. Although I still have setbacks and down days which come hand in hand with a global pandemic, I do feel more positive and confident about myself and my outlook on life in general. Thank you, Georgia!

Marie – Euston

Georgia has a way of making you feel comfortable, I always felt like I could be open and honest, no matter how big or small I thought the issue was. I never felt judged or that my issue was trivial and I was being silly. My sessions with Georgia, although professional, always felt like I was having an informal chat with a friend, rather than a coaching session. The way she gets you to see things differently and her coping strategies I found most useful. I am still using them today. I would highly recommend Georgia.

Anne – Hackney

I am writing to let you know how much you have helped and supported me all these years that I have known you. You are always warm and kind and patient -you never judge. This is what I love and admire most about you. You make me laugh. We have worked on big issues and small issues but, no matter what the issue I am having, I always feel better when I have worked it though with you. You always ask the right questions to help me join the dots myself and find my own path. You are magic with your well-being tools and commitment to helping others. Meeting you changed my life.

Rebecca – Walthamstow

It’s been great working with you. My lonely efforts in sorting things out brought me onto your path and everything became easier; learning about myself was focused and strangely refreshing – and shaped my new way of thinking about situations that used to leave me helplessly anxious. Many thanks for providing me with very useful strategies I can use whenever I need to – it feels like always having a helpful friend next to me.

Lidvina – Hackney

For a long time, I had been unhappy with my weight. I’d put some weight on about 3-4 years ago and I just couldn’t seem to lose it. I just felt stuck in a cycle of wanting to change but just not quite able to. In my first session with Georgia, I identified that this was the area I wanted coaching on.

Georgia was absolutely brilliant from the start, helping me identify what my goals were, the steps I needed to take to achieve my goal and also what pitfalls there could be and strategies to deal with them. Over the course of my 6 sessions, Georgia provided me with the tools I needed to make the behavioural changes I wanted to make.

She is warm, encouraging, knowledgeable and very supportive. At the end of our sessions 8 weeks later, I had lost two stone and I feel completely different, not just physically, but also emotionally. I was like a car in mud, with the engine revving and the wheels going round and round but not actually going anywhere. In the nicest possible way, Georgia pushed me out of the mud, and I was away.

Vicki – Middlesbrough

‘I never felt judged or that my issue was trivial and I was being silly.’

Anne – Hackney