About Georgia


I am an accredited Wellbeing Coach and NLP Practitioner and I have over twenty years’ experience as a coach, trainer and mentor in schools, working with teachers, parents and young people of all ages.

This has included working with teenagers who were struggling with their emotional health and wellbeing, working with parents on self-esteem, confidence and positive parenting and helping teachers with time-management, dealing with stress and life balance.

I am also a listening volunteer with a LGBTQ helpline.


I was born in London to Greek Cypriot parents and have lived in East London for most of my life.

I struggled for many years with my sexual identity, to the extent that although I am a lesbian, I was married to a man for many years. On the outside I appeared to be living a happily married life with my husband and two children, but inside I was sad, confused and angry because I couldn’t be myself. I was afraid of rejection and judgement and didn’t want to hurt the people closest to me by breaking up my family.

When I eventually came out, I felt liberated but also guilty at the disruption this caused, particularly for my then teenage children.

Now, many years later, our family looks a lot different. I recently married my long-term girlfriend, my two children still live with us (I blame London prices and my home cooking), and their father is a good friend and a big part of our lives.

The experience gave me the confidence to continue to make changes for the better in my life, and now I am working to help others.

In my spare time I enjoy cooking, badminton and performing as an amateur stand-up comedian