About me


It’s me, Georgia, and I’m a life and wellbeing coach.

‘The ability to help transform someone’s life for the better is what brings me most joy.’

It was a hot sunny day and I was sitting in a clammy hotel conference room with 100s of people and poor air conditioning. I felt a mixture of curiosity and excitement as I awaited the start of the ‘training to be a life coach’ taster day.

By the end of the day I was hooked. The Spice Girls were singing in my head, ‘I tell you what I want, what I really, really want’I want to be a qualified life coach.

I already have 25 years’ experience working in schools as a non-violent communication (NVC) coach, tutor and mentor, supporting children, teenagers and adults to:

  • understand and manage their feelings and needs
  • listen with empathy
  • learn peaceful conflict resolution
  • practise compassion and acceptance of themselves and others

I was sure that The Life Coaching Diploma would complement and build on what I had already achieved in my work and allow me to continue helping others.  To be honest, there were times when I felt overwhelmed by the volume of course work and practical assessments.  Judgement crept in and my negative inner chatter was alive and kicking, telling me ‘I wasn’t good enough’, ‘clever enough’ and ‘just look around and see how amazing everyone else is’.

The biggest challenge I had was me!  I overcame this by believing that it was possible. I could do it and I knew this is what I really wanted.

I qualified with a distinction. Yes, I am blowing my own trumpet. I broke everything down into small achievable goals and coached myself to success one step at a time.

10 random truths about me

  1. I’m a lesbian. I was in the closet for a long time and know what it’s like to be stuck and not able to talk to anyone about how you really feel.
  2. I was married to a man and have two adult children, who still live with me (not the man). I blame high rents and good home cooking.
  3. I’m a Londoner with a strong Greek Cypriot heritage.
  4. I love playing badminton even though I am less than average, but so what!
  5. I am an amateur stand-up comedian, which is scary, exciting and scary in that order.
  6. I used to run my own vegetarian catering business – my best seller was hummus & falafel with salad in pitta bread.
  7. I have a landline.
  8. I am known as the puppet lady by the young people I’ve worked with, because I tell stories with puppets to help children and teenagers (yes, really) connect with empathy.
  9. I am a volunteer for a LGBTQ+ helpline
  10.  I commit 100% to my Netflix box set binging.

‘She helped me to access the areas that were keeping me stuck and encouraged me to find solutions and to make changes.’

Laurie – Barrow in Furness